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The Green book level three WSET ADvanced with four different colors of wine.

FIVE Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking WSET Courses

My eighteenth birthday would culminate into yet another adventure in French wine. The sole exception being that this time I could actually imbibe it. My father purchased a case of 1960 Chateau Margaux, first Grand Cru or “1er” as it is also known

Whether she’s in a rainforest 4 wheeling in Brazil, on a train in Portugal overlooking the Douro River or in a Château in Bordeaux, a Bodega in Spain, a Villa in Italy, a Vineyard in Napa Valley, for Kelly Mitchell, it’s all in the name of Wine.

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Napa & Sonoma

Where to Stay: Napa Valley’s Meadowood

Blissful Spa Experiences, Sublime Dining and Luxury at Meadowood Sponsored by Wine Paths Travel A destination in the center of a forest. Where serenity is

The stunning barrel rooms of Darioush

Where To Go Now: Napa Valley’s Darioush

Darioush: The Home of Top Rated Napa Valley Wine sponsored by WinePathsTravel {VIDEO} Learn about some of the experiences that await you at Napa’s Darioush

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North America