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Beautiful Dining Napa Style at 1313 Main

1313 Main where the focus is on customers and the creation of incredible experiences

Napa Valley boasts many world-class restaurants with known chefs, known brands and well-established followings.  They always make “The Lists” so there aren’t a lot of surprises.  Rents are not cheap. With several new hotels going up Napa is primed for the next phase of growth in tourism.  Occasionally a new gem is discovered, refreshing in concept with a focus on detail & service required to succeed.

We capture the harmony of our ecosystem. Producing as much as 70% of our ingredients the dishes are the freshest & tastiest they can be. ~ Chef Adam Ross

At 1313 Main each day is a day spent in the garden getting the freshest ingredients for dishes in Napa
Picking fresh ingredients from one of their various gardens.

1313 Main Street is a couple of blocks north of the center of downtown Napa. The restaurant’s hidden by the glare of large glass windows and full of light. Upon entering you experience an atmosphere of calm. The interior is stylish and comfortable. There is a large seating area for cocktails in the front and two bars. The setting for dining, tables nestled amongst a dizzying array of over 1500 selections of wine.

Proprietor Al Jabarin is a visionary who started The wine site is one of the first online wine retailers in the US, perhaps the world.  His love for wine and Napa brought him here 16 years ago. He established a partnership with a brilliant young chef, Adam Ross, and 1313 Main.  Ross, at 26 years old, already has 10+ years of professional cooking under his belt. His training grounds have exposed him to some of the best minds in the business.

Chef Adam Ross creates extraordinary culinary delights at 1313 Main in Napa
1313 Main Chef Adam Ross

Providing exceptional service, world-class wine, and breathtaking dishes are  of 1313 Main. Chef Adam Ross‘s taken this business to great heights by association and determination. His background reads like a pedigree of restaurant who’s who. Hawaii’s George Mavrothalassitis of Chef Mavro & Alan Wong of Alan Wong’s  responsible for some of his earlier influences during his three-year sojourn in the islands. He’s worked at The French Laundry under Thomas Keller and The Restaurant at Meadowood with Christopher Kostow. His experiences profoundly reflected in his dishes as a cornucopia of taste, color, and texture.

We take an out of the box approach with our dishes. A juxtaposition of elements, blending classics with the exciting unexpected elements.                                                                     ~Chef Ross

When you cross the threshold of a restaurant new to you, there are several things to take in.  When you go into an establishment known for fine dining, a warm greeting is always appealing.  Another important thing is the decorum. Is the company culture consistent throughout the experience?  Vital for success. How long does it take to be acknowledged when wanting to order? The subtleties of excellent service are some of the key ingredients in the foundational approach of 1313 Main.

Tandoori Stone Fruit Salad

I’m sitting in on the daily team meeting Chef Ross has just before service.  The meeting is a study in ingredients. Elderflower is the subject of the day. They will forage and ferment this component close to a cordial, for other dishes. The topic moves onto another ingredient, Shiso, similar to a basil and mint combo. All are engaged and almost mesmerized as they learn how certain elements enhance a dish.  Chef encourages them to take part. A seasonal dish, the Tandoori Stone Fruit Salad is dissected by Ross. He shares how the flavor’s created, and how dukkah (an Egyptian condiment of herbs spices and nuts) will enhance the taste. All ingredients and the effect each has on the dish are noted. There is also guidance on training a new team member, “Train them to be better than you are.”

Food is like music. We’re not classical music, and we’re not punk rock. We’re somewhere in the middle. The Jimmy Page of restaurants. ~ Al Jabarin

Seared Pork Belly at 1313 Main
Crispy Pork Belly with Nasturtium and Green Apple

While in Hawaii, Ross honed his multi-ethnic approach to dining. Learning cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Okinawan gave him an edge many in the profession don’t get.  His respect for great farmers who he has worked with is palpable. The instruction Ross received in Napa Valley was the turning point for him.  His life changed once he stepped into the kitchen at Meadowood.  The food had so much forethought put into it and created a cerebral experience.  Chef Kostow created menus with cadence and rhythm.  There, he learned the complexities of using herbs and essences native to California. This           education was the greatest gift in his journey.

The dishes at 1313 Main are an experience. Your eyes embark on a visual journey transporting you through texture, flavor, and surprise.  The future is dazzling for Jabarin and Ross. Together they have a shared vision and a spectacular offering. The analogy of 1313 Main being a Jimmy Page song is pretty accurate. It is indeed a culinary “Stairway to Heaven.”  Jimmy Page and all.

We’re a restaurant that believes in showcasing the things that make Napa Valley regionally specific.


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