Learn About Kelly Mitchell
"The Wine Siren"

Award-winning Napa Valley Writer
Kelly Mitchell on Wine, Travel & Sustainability.
Kelly Mitchell, with beige jacket and hat on sitting at cafe in Napa.
Kelly Mitchell, The Wine Siren in Napa Valley cafe.
A photo of the Wine Siren, Kelly Mitchell with a Napa Green Certified Winery, Sequoia Grove
Kelly Mitchell is an unofficial ambassador for spreading the word on sustainability in wine. Photo by Meghan Vegara

Meet The Founder


After living in Hawaii since a teen, Kelly Mitchell took the plunge after 36 years and realized her dream of living in wine country. Now residing in Napa Valley, The Wine Siren is on a mission: To discover and unify the complex and much needed aspects of sustainability in winegrowing & wine hospitality. She began with sharing and demystifying the complex processes in making sustainable world-class food and sustainable wine and the people behind them. From the stove to the table, farming, pairing, pouring and creating the very best travel experiences.

Her favorite sips? While adventure is part of her nature she often is heard saying, my favorite sip is the next I’ve discovered. Whether it be a unique style, an undiscovered variety or a mind-bending take on tradition. The Wine Siren also favors Champagne, a delicious Rosé, or bottle of 1965 Chateau Margaux. Kelly Mitchell relishes a good bottle of wine, a fabulous Negroni, and has become indiscriminate about the grape but more intrigued by the quality of the nectar. She explores scores of wine varieties traveling across the globe. 

Based in Napa Valley, California, Kelly Mitchell is known globally as “The Wine Siren” and tells the stories of people behind sustainable wine and sustainable food who make life a little more enjoyable for all of us.  It’s her business acumen and natural curiosity that make her writing and videos a winning combination.


Seated in a cafe with wine bottles behind her, Kelly Mitchell in Napa
The Wine Siren, Napa Valley's Kelly Mitchell