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Add Pizzaz to Your Summer Wine Life

Add Pizzaz to Your Summer Wine Life

BBQ, Celebration, Wine, and convenience are all necessary componets of entertaining. The bottome line is the more time you spend with your friends and family the better.

Take our current situation. SIP (shelter in place) has its merits. It gives you time to explore the things you’ve not explored.

To consider projects, you didn’t have time to finish and to shop for items you might need.

In my case, we were planning a full-on kitchen remodel, and the current business cycle made us shift our priorities.  The priorities became, work with what you have, and instead of dropping five figures on something that you’d really like, drop three on something that can add convenience, style, and functionality.  Not an easy task to achieve once you’ve had your sights set on a significant renovation.

sparkling Napa river with Boat dock and greenery in the summer sun

We spent a tremendous amount of time getting our riverfront backyard summer proofed with furniture, landscaping, and plants. The un-ending trimming and refining of our 40-year-old always blooming lemon tree, but something was missing. We were forever running into the kitchen, the cellar, or out to the garage to get the cooler so we could have cold drinks, beer, and of course, temperature-controlled wine.

The solution? The addition of New Air’s latest foray into indoor-outdoor refrigeration. It’s sleek. Well designed and a great addition to our outdoor repertoire. It also slides on coasters so you can use it as a built-in or move it around as the entertaining need suits you.

Add Pizzaz to Your Summer Wine Life
Sleek innovation on this New Air 2 drawer cooler[/caption]

What’s better than that? Two drawers. One specifically for wine with stunning Beachwood drawers, because good wine deserves to be in the lap of luxury. The wine drawers roll out easily on their own. No back-breaking efforts on your knees while hunting for bottles. It also comes with lighting, a dual-zone refrigeration selection, and baskets for the food going on the grill.

Perfect for entertaining. Two refrigeration zones give you flexibility. You maintain the ideal temperature for your wine. And cooler temps for perishables, like cheese platters, BBQ meat, and soft drinks.

No more running to the kitchen to gather a dish, a bottle, or a soda. It’s all within arms reach now. 

To get your own New Air and get it at a discount use promo code THEWINESIREN and link here:

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