Bells Up Winery: Newburg, Oregon

When Sara Specter reached out to me to encourage me to visit her winery in Newburg, Oregon, I thanked her but truly had no short term plans to taste in Oregon. I was truly focused on my back yard of Napa.

I was bouncing between wineries like a ping pong ball being hit by Forest Gump.

Fast forward a few months later when I am on a press trip of sorts, driving from Napa all the way up to Portland with little time to breathe in between. I was bouncing between wineries like a ping pong ball being hit by Forest Gump. Most of the time I didn’t know exactly where I was because I am not familiar with the area or what is connected to what.

On my way to an appointment, I pass a sign that says “Bells Up Winery”. No way! I’m going to pop by on my way back for the evening and see if I can connect. Who knows. Sometimes serendipity is the magic we need to pay more attention to.

On my way back, I stop in. Look around and then phone the Specters who graciously came out to talk to me and offer a tasting.

It was truly a delight to meet them and see what is happening with what they call their micro-boutique winery at 400 cases in production. The view is stunning. The juice, worth sipping. And the family one of the most gracious and friendly I’ve encountered. Make it a point. PS. Best by appointment. Bells Up Winery

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Bells Up Winery: Newburg, Oregon

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