Carneros’ Opulent Treasure: Bouchaine Winery

Bouchaine Winery is the spot to discover great Burgundian varieties made in Napa Valley's Carneros region.

Floor to ceiling windows, huge patio with fire pits ensure your every comfort wine tasting. Bouchaine Vineyards tasting room.
Modern winery meets social hour. Bouchaine Vineyards tasting room and patio.
“Standing at the top of the highest point of the Bouchaine Vineyards, the salty air caressing my cheeks. The views expand all the way down to the city and Mt Tam, the San Pablo Bay and to the West of the Vaca Mountains. Marveling at the technology used and the spectacular views from the vineyards.
I’m swirling and sipping a glass of the Vin Gris of Pinot Noir. Taking in all this incredible destination has to offer in Carneros. Napa Valley’s Carneros.”
Framed by the vines, the views looking up Napa Valley from the vineyards at Bouchaine.
Sandy loam soil is the hallmark of Carneros as is San Pablo Bay.
These lands would see many a dreamer. 
In the late 1880’s a Missouri man named Boon Fly would be the first to plant grapes and fruit trees here. 
In 1927 the dream of an Italian immigrant owning a winery was soon realized. It is hard to say what Johnny Garetto had in mind when he first built his winery.  Ground broken in 1927, the vineyards planted in 1928. He would make Carneros his home.
In the early days, Garetto had his hands tied because of Prohibition. Beyond a dream of owning land in a region perfect for cool climate wine growing, he had to wait. It was in 1919 that prohibition was on hand, the end not to be realized until 1933. He could’ve taken the downtime as a way to experiment with the property while farming or perhaps raising sheep. By 1935 prohibition was well behind him. His vines were thriving, and he was well on his way to establishing the business.
In 1961 Beringer purchased the land and used it as a storage facility for the next twenty years.  
In 1981 a new vision would  evolve into one of the oldest, continuously-run family wineries in the region. Gerret and Tatiana Copeland purchased the storage facility and realizing their own vision would expand the property adding another 30 acres.  
Unlocking the past. Original buildings tell the story of the winery's humble beginnings
The Land
The Napa Valley side of the Carneros AVA stands framed by two mountain ranges, the Vacas to the East and the Mayacamas to the West. At the southern end, a framework of estuaries run from the Napa River direct to San Pablo Bay. San Pablo feeds into the ultra cool San Francisco Bay. These cooling influences make Carneros a great climactic AVA.
The shallow clay loam soils of the region are perfect for stimulating the growth of roots on the vines. The struggle of the vine’s roots to reach water are what creates great flavor in the these vineyards. The natural obstacles of rock, gravel and deposits impact their journey instilling both concentration and depth.
Assist Winemaker Erik Goodmanson overlooking San Pablo Bay one of Carneros' most important influences
Assist Winemaker Erik Goodmanson overlooking San Pablo Bay one of Carneros' most important influences
The Winery
A landmark in Carneros, the Bouchaine Winery stands out amongst its pastorol backdrop. A 5,000 sq ft showplace of both comfort and spectacular sightseeing of Napa Valley and Carneros from the Vaca Mountains to the Carneros ponds and over San Pablo Bay. The original winery still stands, a reminder of the roots of long ago.
The breathtaking winery a modern take on contemporary design. Its open position on the hilllside serves as a beacon for wine lovers. The sweeping patio with cozy outdoor seating, firepits and fountains a creation focused on comfort. Each aspect of the view plane is awe-striking. From meticulous landscaping to the hills in the distance. Indoors, an expansive circular tasting bar with an impressive see-through fireplace.
Carneros' Opulent Treasure: Bouchaine Winery
Chris Kijani, GM/Winemaker extolling the virtues of working with a rapture specialist to control pests.
Napa Valley native Chris Kajani is well versed in working with Carneros Chardonnay and Pinot Noir . Ten years of experience with Saintsbury and its Carneros fruit gave her powerful insight. Her goal with Bouchaine was to create wine in the lush and elegant Burgundian style. Capitalizing on the freshness born to the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay of the region, she strived for the ideal. Low-no intervention winemaking. Combined with minimal extraction and wild yeast fermenting, she has achieved enviable & expressive wines with character and merit.
“You’re making your wine in the vineyard. All those small decisions, all those extra passes, all the time and attention throughout the growing season we believe, brings you the grapes that allow you to shepherd the grapes into the bottle”. Chris Kajani
The land includes 104 contiguous acres, each sustainably farmed. It is also the first Fish Friendly Farming certified vineyard in the Valley.

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Carneros' Opulent Treasure: Bouchaine Winery

An array of bottles of the Bouchaine Winery
The wine comes from some of the most famous vineyards cooler climate regions in Napa Valley. Simply exceptional!

Tasting through the wine is a delicious experience. The depth of flavor, richness of expression and the hard work of Chris Kijani and Eric Goodmanson is paying off.  A few of my recommendations…

2017 Pommard Clone, Estate Pinot Noir

2018 Hyde Vineyard Syrah

2019 Las Brisas Vineyard Riesling

2018 Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay

Carneros' Opulent Treasure: Bouchaine Winery
View of Mayacamas from Carneros
The experiences standout amongst contemporary tastings. From Falconry to BYO picnic, it’s a unique adventure for the family, kids and fido included. Picnic tables are socially-distanced for the safety and comfort of all. The wine is outstanding and will keep you coming back!  If you’re not able to physically visit keep in mind Bouchaine offers many virtual tasting opportunities. 
Contact: BouchaineVineyards .com for more information.

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