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Dining at New Heights: Chef Tim Hollingsworth

Otium with Chef Time Hollingsworth
Chef Tim Hollingsworth at Otium

Chef Tim Hollingsworth

The most luxurious way to travel is aboard a private jet. The traditional hassles of other humans, lines, and annoying seating arrangements is a distant memory when you fly at this level. Pebble Beach Food and Wine is whisking guests away to their event from LA with the three most essential C’s:  Chefs, Caviar and Champagne! 

In this segment of the Wine Insider, Tim Hollingsworth shares his insights of preparing food for the private jet experience. He is the owner of two of LA’s food scene establishments; the latest is a hot new Los Angeles restaurant called Otium. Tim is a former Napa chef de cuisine working under Thomas Keller at Yountville’s The French Laundry (one of the top restaurants in the world) for 13 years and reflects on how it influences him today.

WS: Experiencing a flight on a private jet is exciting. What are some of the most enjoyable aspects of this level of travel for you?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth: The most enjoyable aspect of flying on a private jet is the ease of going from point A to point B and not going through the mayhem of standard airplane procedures.

Chef Tim Hollinsgworth's Otium LA

WS: You have two restaurants today. When you think of planning the Pebble Beach experience, which of the restaurants will influence the in-flight menu for this flight?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth: Otium will be controlling the in-flight menu for this flight.

WS: How do you define luxury when it comes to food?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth:I would define luxury in food as using items that are not readily available. Like Foie Gras or something that is only in season for a short amount of time.

WS: What are the key ingredients to ensuring a luxurious experience?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth:Showcasing a luxury ingredient in a dish and making sure that it is the primary flavor, while the supporting ingredients and presentation create a balance.

WS: How difficult is to adapt your skill-set to working with a smaller platform, i.e.,., on a private jet?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth: It’s not hard at all, as long as you plan your menu correctly. When you know what you have to work with ahead of time, you can prepare for it.

WS: What are some of your favorite items and pairings that will be available on this flight?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth: I do not want to spoil it for the guests. It will be a surprise for them and very personal because they will be the only ones knowing about it.

WS: With a goal to both set up and finish an incredibly memorable Pebble Beach Food & Wine experience for the private jet guests what are some of the main factors from a strategy standpoint that will go into this process?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth: A memorable experience comes from creating a memorable dish that someone can relate to.

WS: You spent 13 years in Napa Valley at The French Laundry a while back. Reflecting back, how does that experience influence what you do today?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth: The French Laundry taught me how always to evolve, change the menu daily, have impeccable service and serve memorable dishes. Now I apply that same philosophy to what it is important to me.

WS: How do you get inspired when creating menus and dishes?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth: I get inspired by traveling, meeting different people and learning about their culture and food.

WS: What or who is your most powerful muse?

Chef Tim Hollingsworth: My most powerful muse comes from immersing myself in other cultures; seeing firsthand how others live, eat and create. 

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Dining at New Heights: Chef Tim Hollingsworth

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