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“When you have Mel Brooks blessing on your wine, there’s got to be something pretty fabulous about it.” Harumph

Harumph, Cabernet Sauvignon

Creating a solid brand name for a bottle of wine is as much a science as it is luck. The brand like the wine has to stand out. Be memorable.  To position itself strategically in a copious market. What is on the outside matters almost as much what is on the inside.  To hear it from the founders of Harumph, this is wine for enjoying and sharing. It’s an opportunity to put pretentiousness aside and truly focus on what is important about wine. Harumph Wine by Michael DeSantis and Scotti Stark,

Harumph was inspired by our favorite movie, Blazing Saddles, and Mel Brooks.  

~ Scotti Stark

The first time I tasted Harumph wine, I was at a party at a prominent local artist’s home.  Like any Napa Valley gathering, there were many wines to taste.  When I saw the label of the Harumph brand, I was intrigued.  I poured a small glass and sipped.  What I expected, and what I got were two different things.  The fruit drew me in, but the complex and lingering finish was more than I expected. I had to restrain myself from grabbing the bottle and taking it all for myself. It was that delicious.


I want consumers be happy. Not take wine too seriously and enjoy it.

~ Michael DeSantis

Scotti Stark and Michael DeSantis joined forces to create an outstanding wine. Stark began his career in wine over 20 years ago from sommelier to hospitality. He is skilled at working with all levels of wine enthusiasts. His dynamic personality, impeccable style and ability to make everyone feel comfortable is a huge asset.  After working with restaurants in Houston and local Napa wineries, he broadened his influence in the arena.  He is the purveyor the unique side of Napa Valley with Stark Advantage. Stark has made it his business to create one of a kind experiences for visitors in the Valley.   His love for food and wine compliment the partnership with Michael DeSantis. DeSantis is a former NCAA basketball player who grew up in Oregon. After basketball, Michael was in medical sales and expanding his experience with wine. As his palate and knowledge grew he knew he needed to take his interests in wine further. He began taking classes to infuse his interest for the production side of the business and took the leap. It’s the fire of creating the best wine possible that motivates him. He’s worked with world-class winemakers including, Thomas BrownBenoit Touquette and Martha McClellan.  The best training, makes the best wine.

It’s about sharing our wine with as many people as possible. ~ Michael DeSantis

Together Stark & DeSantis have created the ultimate vintner start-up force.  Stark with his experience as a Sommelier & skills at sales in the hospitality arena. DeSantis with his oenology education and competitive, driven nature.  I sat down with each of them to get insights on their journey, the business and the hopes they had with this wine.  The day of recording was Mel Brook’s 90th Birthday.

It’s easier to sell a gun than it is a bottle of wine. Scotti Stark


Harumph Wine Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes:

This velvety textured Cabernet is dark ruby red and medium bodied. The aromatics of black cherry and leather draw you in.  Slight hint of honey and black pepper in the long, satisfying finish.


Harumph Wines tastings are available by appointment.

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