Top Nine Holiday Gifts: Guiding Inspired Palates

Top 2015 Holiday Gifts for the Wine Lover

The holiday season is upon us! For some, it’s been a year of gathering the perfect holiday gifts and wrapping them at their leisure.  However, if you are anything like me, I need resources that tap into my “Love Bank” and enable me to click and buy, sending fabulous finds to the destinations of those I love.  There’s no better shortcut than a nifty little gift guide.

This year I’ve created a list for the wine lovers in your life.  Things that will enchant create memories or inspire.

  1. Brain Food:  Wine Folly – The Essential Guide to Wine by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack.  For a new wine drinker or a experienced savvy sipper who wants to learn more about what they put in their glasses and where it comes from, this book is a fabulous way to learn more in depth facts about wine, the areas it originates & is grown, tasting profiles and oh so much more.  The graphics make it an easy read, and it is fun with a refreshing perspective. There is no wine snobbery here, just good solid information.   

  2. Decadence & Delight: ROE Caviar – For those with a luxe palette, one of the few items only available for the months of November & December.This caviar comes packaged suitable for a King or Queen, the only thing missing are the crown jewels.  Elegant, delicious, smooth and perfect for the discerning connoisseur of all things magnificent. The caviar is sustainably harvested using eggs from the same individual sturgeon for each tin. It pairs perfectly with bubbly, sparkling or champagne.  Exquisitely fresh, caviar just doesn’t get any better than this.

  3. Bubbles. Forever, Bubbles Chandon Wine Club Membership  Along with being a delightful creator of all things bubbles, Chandon also three types of club membership and you can choose one with still wine only.  A wine club gift is a gift of exclusivity and gives your holiday beneficiary a periodic reminder of just how amazing you are.  There is a myriad of perks that come with this wine club, and the value outweighs the expense. Always good to remember, membership has its benefits.

  4. Save the Nectar:  Whether you’re wine tasting at home with friends or have a 1965 Chateau Margaux you need to last close to forever, the Coravin Model Two System allows you to pour and subsequently preserve so you can pour judiciously and enjoy wine at your leisure. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require multiple devices to do the job. Perfect for those who have invested heavily in great wines or those who want a just a glass now and the ability to savor a week or a few days, weeks or months, later.

  5. >Decanting by Design:  Menu Design Shop’s Breathable Decanter is touted to help your wine breathe 10x’s more oxygen in under 2 minutes making traditional decanting obsolete.  Leave it to a design shop to not only come up with an exquisite design but to also make it functional.  I’d buy one for you and one for a friend who loves decanting but hates the wait.

  6. For the Truffle Lover:  Make it a destination! One of the biggest celebrations of truffles for foodies happens at The Napa Valley Truffle Festival. You can enjoy Truffle Expert Chef dishes, incredible pairings and learn about the many types of truffles. Truffles, quite simply are one fabulous flavor standing out in all the dishes it adorns.  Hosting wineries for the event include Merryvale Vineyards and  Jamieson Ranch Vineyards. There are wine dinners, sessions on education, demos and so much more. Perfect surprise for you & your very special truffle lover.

  7. Gaming the Wine.  Read Between the Wines! This games touted as a party game of wit that packages tasting, learning and the game-ification of wine, in a box.  What could be more fun than having a group of wine lovers together with a bottle or two of their favorites playing word associations of wine themes and the wild card of humans on wine?  It’s an easy game, highly interactive and there’s wine.  Perfect for your wine loving friends & fam.

  8. Wine and Chocolate: Get perfectly paired chocolates for your wine tasting! Brix Chocolates offers a thoroughly yummy guide, tastefully packaged, for pairing wines with their exquisite chocolate. Sure to put a unique spin on any host’s gathering just add wine.

  9. Be original. Like really unique. The Volt from Faraday Inc. Out to change the way the world experiences wines. Touted to age wine through high-frequency electrical fields. The goal? To alter the makeup of wine and enhance the taste thereby reducing the aging process. You can get on board through Kickstarter.  It’s a start-up, that has promise. 

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All I want to do... is have some fun @tressabores #NapaValley check them out. Absolutely outstanding down to earth vibe and wine that`s better for you and planet earth. Sustainable, organic & truly killer wine! #certifiedsustainable #certifiedorganic ...

Current vibe on @threadsapp ...

I know no joy as great as a moment of rushing into a new love, no ecstasy like that of a new love.
~ Anais Nin

The words say it all. Magnificent drink. If you can get it. @turleywine 2015 Napa Valley Library Block Petite Syrah
Dark, brooding with a side of magnificent freshness.

And now back to Paris for a formidably fabulous Friday! Michelin-star restaurant- check! Fabulous dark and exquisite library for enjoying cocktails, a breathtaking entrance of a French hideaway from years ago...

Stunning Michelin star restaurant and beautiful bibliothèque with Parisian friends.

Bookmark this spot! I don’t often share where I dine unless I am out of the country, but because so many people ask 💋🍷💋#TheWineSiren I am going to change that. Take my favorite brunch and Fried Chicken spot! @southsidenapa offers not only some of the freshest most inviting dishes in Napa, they also have a wide array of coffee, tea, wine and bubbles to pair your dishes with.

Its one of the few #petfriendly places with great food and an inviting team. Lots of talent here in the food arena and the outdoor seating area is equipped with swinging chairs, a fire pit and comfortable seating inside and out.

Fried Chicken you ask? Yes! Pairs perfectly with your Napa Valley Sparkling and #Champagne.The best in Napa Valley. Make sure and call ahead, they often sell out.

Hours are 8am-2pm
Breakfast served all day and an expanded lunch menu.

With over 30 years of sustainability under their belt, Domaine Carneros has a big headstart in the way of sustainability. They built the first significant solar installation, recognized as the largest in the world at the time. Far beyond complacent, Domaine Carneros continues to push the limits and try new techniques and strategies to improve their abilities.

Domaine Carneros

An incredible indulgence and the ultimate experience.

It’s in my neighborhood. Two miles away door to door. Why do I find myself returning again and again? Because this is one of the most stunning destinations in Carneros and Napa Valley. Stunning in both taste and views.

The skies, the ultimate blue, the vineyard hills throughout the landscape. It’s a breathtaking pinch yourself situation no matter how often you visit.

The team is so welcoming and the sparkling wine is world class and made sustainably. If you’re ready to step up your sparkling wine game this is where you need to be.

The wines tasted:

2016 Estate Brut Cuvée (late disgorge) ripe pear, white flowers, creamy, beautiful structure.
2019 Brut Rosé Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, incredible well poised, citrus, red berries, almonds and floral notes
2015 Le Rêve Blanc de Blancs Tête de Cuvée The dream. A signature must taste from the most prized blocks of Chardonnay. Evocative of citrus curd, pie crust, a nuance of ginger and tart lemon. I could drink this all day every day!
2017 Ultra Brut Tropical fruit, lime, lemon zest, crisp, lovely palate and exquisite finish.

The ultimate indulgence, featuring three of Tsar Nicoulai’s finest caviars:
Classic, Select, and Golden Reserve
Served with potato chips, toast points, and Cowgirl Creamery crème fraîche.

Make your reservation today! and ask for the caviar experience!

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Top Nine Holiday Gifts : Guiding Inspired Palates

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