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Wine Gifts Direct From Napa

Finding a unique, meaningful wine gift with ties to a place you’ve visited is not as easy as one would think. If achieved, the experience is enhanced, the gift, cherished. Creating a company specializing in producing distinct wine gifts is what two women from Napa dreamed of.

Olive & Poppy Co-Founders, Nicole Hughes and Anne Siegel
Olive & Poppy Co-Founders, Nicole Hughes and Anne Siegel

What Anne and I have always loved is scarves. When we open them up, they look like a painting.

As frustrated designers, Olive and Poppy’s founders, Nicole Hughes and Anne Siegel were both working in the wine industry.  They had a knack for identifying exceptional products but knew there was an opportunity to make this arena more memorable.  What was missing was a locally rooted concept going beyond the juice.  They embarked on a journey of trial and error, to create & market remarkable wine gifts giving people a sense of place along with an authentic play in the wine space.

Learn more about their journey {VIDEO}

The name, Olive and Poppy, comes from two things you always find in tandem in Northern California wine country.  Spring in particular showcases pairings of olives and poppies planted together next to vineyards. One day, when Anne & Nicole were on a road trip they saw this play out repeatedly on Highway 29 in wine country. The striking contrast of the flowers next to the more subdued olive trees resonated.

Wine Gifts from Wine Country

We were juggling two fulltime jobs, 4 children under 8, and two husbands.

While Anne & Nicole began sourcing and creating their products they focused on upcycling and staying true to the region they are in.  Olive and Poppy has a unique play on jewelry, bags, table settings and so much more.  

It’s an actual start up in every sense of the word, and one that’s catching the attention of so many inside and outside of the space.

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