DeLoach Vineyards, Russian River’s Finest


It’s early. 9am on a Monday. Driven up from Napa to Russian River Valley it occurs to me how much I love coming to this part of Wine Country. The weather is a little overcast and the drive was beyond smooth.
The Russian River begins at the northernmost point near Willits in Northern California (2.5 hours north of San Francisco) . It flows parallel to Hwy 101. It then takes a sharp turn to the coast near Healdsburg and empties in the ocean at Jenner.
The extent of the Russian River from start to finish in Northern California.
De Loach is in the Russian River AVA. Founded in 1983, the Russian River Valley AVA today holds over 15,000 acres of vineyard.  The climate of the region is particularly cool. This effect comes from the coast in the way of fog and wind. Known for growing great wine from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel grapes. They thrive in places with Diurnal shifts. These shifts are significant temperature fluctuations. While it can be hot during the day, the shifts can take the temperatures down significantly and keep them there longer. Part of the beauty of being so close to the Sonoma Coast.
Blue sky, wild flora and green vineyards
The stunning vineyards of De Loach.
DeLoach Winery has its  place in wine history. It was one of the first wineries in the Russian River Valley. Started in 1975 by Cecil and Christine DeLoach. They were the first to plant Pinot Noir on Olivet Road. Also first to use the RRV designation on their winery labels.
In 2003 French Vintners of the Boisset Family Estates purchased the property. It was then the work for the Boisset’s began in Northern California. With a focus on biodynamic and organic farming practices, Boisset honored the DeLoach tradition. They also took it a step further.
Just one of the beautiful places to taste at DeLoach Vineyards
Imagine a French Country Home tucked away and surrounded by vineyards of the most meticulous nature. Organic, and biodynamic producer DeLoach Vineyards has taken style and taste and combined it into one remarkable example in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley. There are goats and chickens, a stunning garden of extraordinary flowers. And of course the vineyards.
4 bunchs of purple grapes on the vine
Pinot Noir grapes thriving in the summer at DeLoach
I’m sitting down with assistant winemaker Katie Cochrane and talking about her experience at DeLoach. She’s been here since 2006 and was born and raised in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley. (See Video). They’re famous for their organic and biodynamic approach to winegrowing.
Cow horn used in biodynamic growing
Goats and chickens are part of the animals you’ll see on property
It’s a quiet getaway from the masses and a stunning exploration of Sonoma County wine. This beautiful tasting room has luxurious outdoor seating under umbrellas so you can sip your afternoon away. Breathtaking vistas and views of mountains and hilltops dot the horizon. All this in the Russian River Valley.
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