Scattered Sanity – From Hawaii to Wine Country

Kelly Mitchell on the first stages of leaving Hawaii after 36 years.

In this case, the first trip, stumble, wipeout, and smear across the road. Perfect is not a word I aspire to, “perfecting” is one I embrace when it comes to life.

I took my life of 36 years living on an island in the middle of the Pacific, from overly comfortable, safe and known and ripped it out of the ocean. I placed my life tenuously in the hands of the Bay area this past November. I tried to write about the relocation process when it began, the awkwardness of not knowing my surroundings and not having “my stuff,” my people and uncovering the eye opening myriad of unknowns made it incredibly difficult.

When you know your home, you have your people, and know your path; there are few questions and much routine. Take a lifetime of that and toss it across 2,382 miles of sea and what you get is chaos, unending questions, and an identity crisis. While the home, the stuff and our life came together, my youngest moved to Tahoe, and I felt one more upheaval just before Christmas. Great! Another round of chaos.

I’m happy to say, I’ve adapted decently in the less than nine months since I’ve arrived. I’m still unnerved by how much the Mainland has changed. The growth. The congestion. The crime. While I’ve frequently traveled throughout my life in Hawaii, nothing prepared me for living on the fringe of a world class city. I’m where I dreamed I’d be since the 80’s, just south of Napa Valley, Sonoma, and the Russian River Valley. That in itself is magnificent.

Join me on the journey of adapting to a new life, my 5th industry reinvention and learning how to fit in when you hardly know where you are. We’ll have the drama and trauma of going from a Metropolitan island to the North Bay of San Francisco and a JUMP into the Wine Industry as I continue to morph my career, change my life and begin to realize that dreams do come true…

It’s already getting exciting, and I’m thankful to those magical souls who have been so welcoming.

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Kelly Mitchell on Instagram

When jet lag hits Porto and collides with a dirty Grey Goose tini up with Nicoise olive and a twist.

Good night.

Self Portrait: Finally changed my profile pic. Removed the one of me at the Eiffel Tower taken on March 12th just before the borders closed in France and the US.

I think the time after the old pic was taken has truly been a time of self reflection.

Each and everyone of us has been through such a crazy year and a half.

I'm grateful for this time since it's given me time to appreciate and spend more time with my family first. And to focus on the friends who truly are part of my life in ways that matter.

It gave me the opportunity to get in the best shape of my life and focus on the things that really count in this life.

I hope your journey too has been productive, meaningful and takes you where you want to go.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend in moderation, healthy food and great exercise!

To whatever is in your glass! May it be the most delicious sip ever.

Peace✌️And have a fantastic weekend with your loves.

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Scattered Sanity - From Hawaii to Wine Country

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