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Seven Ways to Hit Your Goal of Drinking Better

How Does One Truly Drink Better?

That is easier said than done. Take a moment and scroll through Instagram searching for #wine. It’s a mind-blowing experience when you are looking to get a perspective on wine. Opinions weigh heavily from wine pros, novice wine drinkers, and enthusiasts. Each with varying degrees of experience.

There are books that make this endeavor more approachable. A favorite of mine is Bianca Bosker’s Cork Dork. Her adventure into the world of wine is a little less achievable for us in this day and age but the adventure and the process of her learning is riveting.

Regardless of who you come across, it is important to follow along with the voices you vibe with. Even more, those who have similar tastes to yours. Not visual tastes, but matters of the palate.

Where you shop for wine has a bearing on wine quality as well. Take producers who make mass quantities of wine. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, there are some things you should know.

Consider this. Mass-produced wine is made like anything mass-produced. At an incredibly high volume. The ingredients used in wine produced in this manner are there to make the wine last longer. It could be for longer shelf life. There could be things in it that make the wine taste better. Perhaps some lower quality grapes to compliment the higher quality grapes.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing but you want to make sure this is in line with your sipping goals.

Mass-produced wines are usually seen at the grocery store or membership shopping center levels.

Let’s talk about quantity since I am currently in the midst of attempting to reduce my wine belly. Yes Houston, the wine belly is as real as the beer belly. It’s caused by many of the same influences. Wine is a carrier of sugar and alcohol. Both have an impact on the quality of your health.

Quantity is a factor here too.

So what does it mean to “drink better”? You might be thinking” YES!

How do I get that Petrus at a more affordable price?!” Sorry, I can’t help you there but where I can help you is in making better decisions.

Quality is important and you will pay more for that. Known and well-established brands, as well as regions, are typically more expensive. Undiscovered, emerging or the road less traveled regions are more affordable.

It all can be quite overwhelming. But there are ways to remedy this.

Here are the Seven Ways to Drink Better Wine.

1) Have a handle on what your goals are in wine. Pick a region or two you’re enamored with and make it your goal to learn more about it.

2) Make it a point to avoid the mass-produced wines that you can run into a grocery store and grab.

Take a deeper dive into smaller independent wineries. Those with great quality and many great varietals. Some of which you may not have heard of. And know that the almighty wine critic does not know all. In the world of wine, there is simply too much to cover for any one individual, Sommelier, or other “wine expert”.

3)  Talk to someone who truly knows & appreciates wine. But where do you find them? A few places. I start with the boutique wine shops. Here the more prominent wine shop retailers are often tasting with their employees and importers frequently. There is also new stock brought in regularly. For they are the mecca of great wine from wineries.

Go on the road less traveled in the world of wine. Seek out boutiques. Independents. Family-owned wineries (one of my favorites) and taste at their tasting rooms.

4) Start a tasting group. I’m actually thinking of this because you can’t live life in a vacuum. Exploring with others opens your mind. It is so interesting to get others’ opinions, learn what they like, and taste what the like. Here’s how it works. You invite your circle of friends over, they each bring a bottle. You can do things like choosing a varietal of the evening. So each person brings a type of Malbec for example. Then you get a chance to taste several different interpretations of the grape.

5) Visit Wine Country. Wherever in the world that may be for you. Today there are “Wine Countries” around the world. Often there are experiences providing you time with a wine educator. 

6) Consider taking a wine class to get a better handle on your own tastes and the varietals out there. Get educated! There are so many ways to learn about wine. But the one that is really going to help you build a strong foundation is taking an in-depth course.

7) Guard your gut. Alcohol like sugar found in wine is not going to win you health awards unless you sip in moderation. Sip and taste to enjoy the experience and discuss with friends. Experiment with pairings, and enjoy the food wine so beautifully enhances. 

In summary, drinking better starts with you. There are many paths to achieving this goal. Education, interaction, and experience are the keys to accelerating your growth level. It’s also one of the greatest adventures you can embark on. 

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Seven Ways to Hit Your Goal of Drinking Better

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