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St. Francis Winery Creates a Masterpiece of Experience

St. Francis Winery Masters the Pairing and the Wine

St. Francis Winery Creates a Masterpiece of Experience
Compressed Persimmon & Grilled Asian Pear paired with 2015 White Cuvée Blanc Sonoma Valley

Experience. It’s the soul of a business. St. Francis Winery gets this. Experience can create indelible and everlasting memories. If done right it becomes a megaphone for a winery.  Anyone can pour a glass of wine and say what they taste.  It’s not always transferable.  It takes special kind of people draw out of others, what they experience in a wine. St. Francis has mastered the making of wine, and they’ve brought to the table an extraordinary experience with food.  Add to that the ability to regale others with a good story and the memory of this place, the experiences of this destination will stay with you. My experience with St. Francis Winery began on a Saturday morning. I left Napa and headed up the valley from Oakville on the Oakville Grade Road. This road is a crazy windy road right over the Mayacamas. It’s the fastest way from Napa to the winery.  You will encounter two types of travelers on this path. The one who travels this road daily and mimics an experienced race car driver. And the one like me, who has gone this way a couple of times and rides the brakes more than they coast or speed. Once or twice I couldn’t see the road alongside me, just the deep dark valley of trees, rocks, and flora. I’ll avoid this route at night. File that!

St. Francis Winery Creates a Masterpiece of Experience
Chris Louton, Winemaker at St. Francis Winery

While the food and wine pairing are notable at the core of the St. Francis experience is the wine.  I sat down with the winemaker, Chris Louton. Louton has a pedigree in wine that includes time with Beringer & Schramsberg. He continues to create masterful Bordeaux style wines at St. Francis.

{VIDEO} Get an insider’s view of winemaking at St. Francis here with Chris Louton:

Onto the pairing menu! This baby is Zagat-rated, and people rave about it.  I can see why. 

Chef Bryan Jones of St Francis Winery wows with his pairing menu
Chef Bryan Jones

The menu as I experienced it was a pairing of mastery and refinement without being stuffy. Two disciplines are coming together to create an unforgettable pairing.

Charcuterie platter at St. Francis Winery
Plating Perfection, Charcuterie at St. Francis

Chef Bryan Jones is expert at bringing award-winning wines & unique dishes together.  The goal? To create the ultimate experience in food & wine pairing.  For me, I tasted the wine first. Two sips are what it takes for me to get my palate comfortable to register the taste of a wine. Then I took a small bite of the dish and savored the moment. Each ingredient selected for its compliments to not only the plate but the wine.  The plating is beautiful and the attentive staff makes you feel like you are the only one there.

From the people to the wine and vineyards, there is something for everyone at St. Francis Winery.

Insider Information: The wine we were sipping on the video was St. Francis Anthem a delightfully bold Bordeaux blend with delectable dark berries, with lite vanilla and pepper on the long smooth finish.

Anthem Bordeaux Blend from St. Francis
Anthem Bordeaux Blend from St. Francis

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St. Francis Winery Creates a Masterpiece of Experience

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