Beyond the Bubbles: Insider’s Look at Schramsberg

Schramsberg Insider's Interview with Hugh Davies

Schramsberg is likely the greatest sparkling wine in the business. This holiday season, keep your eyes on the bubbles.  Sparkling wine & the French version, Champagne, are synonymous with celebration. These fabulous concoctions deserve a place in our everyday life. Not reserved solely for celebration. Before you purchase that next bottle, sink your teeth into […]

1313 Main in Napa: Orchestrating a Symphony of Taste

1313 Main Shines with Stunning dishes in Napa

Beautiful Dining Napa Style at 1313 Main Napa Valley boasts many world-class restaurants with known chefs, known brands and well-established followings.  They always make “The Lists” so there aren’t a lot of surprises.  Rents are not cheap. With several new hotels going up Napa is primed for the next phase of growth in tourism.  Occasionally a new gem is discovered, refreshing […]

A Little Romance in Sonoma’s Russian River: La Crema

La Crema at Saralee's Vineyard in the Russian River Valley The WIne Siren

La Crema highlights it’s Russian River Valley’s beginnings with its historic new tasting room.  A little romance backstory. Saralee McClelland and her future husband Richard Kunde met at the Sonoma County Fair office. Saralee was a champion of the fair and the competitions involved. While Richard of the Kunde family of winemakers) had a deep love for farming and Sonoma […]

Harumph Wines. Delicious Nectar, Comedic Roots.

Blazing Saddles' Mel Brooks with the founders of Harumph Wines Scott Stark and Michael DeSantis

“When you have Mel Brooks blessing on your wine, there’s got to be something pretty fabulous about it.” Harumph Harumph, Cabernet Sauvignon Creating a solid brand name for a bottle of wine is as much a science as it is luck. The brand like the wine has to stand out. Be memorable.  To position itself strategically […]

The Secret is Out: Exceptional Wine, Unparalleled Destination

Miravalle, Spring Mountain Vineyards

Spring Mountain Vineyard Spring Mountain Vineyard, home of Miravalle, is located on the west side of Napa Valley towards St. Helena.  I am in the vicinity weaving down quiet little neighborhoods. Taking in the diverse composition of homes and the vibe of the area. It’s off of Highway 29. It is the most well-traveled road […]

The First Rule of Wine. Get Rid of the Rules

Rebel Coast WInery - Defy Convention in Wine.

Rebel Coast Winery “Incredibly genuine marketing is what the wine world is desperate for, and we have built a cult following around being genuinely stoked on life.” Chip Forsythe Preparing to launch their newest wine, Lost by Choice, Rebel Coast Winery, is a brand in Paso Robles started by three founders who speak the same […]

Grieve Family Vineyards: Adventure into Lovall Valley

David Grieve, Vintner and Vance Rose, Winemaker of Grieve Family Vineyards

An Adventure Into Lovall Valley Grieve Family Vineyards Can a part of Napa only be accessible by way of Sonoma? Impossible, I think. I review my directions again. You see, I live in Napa. Today I am heading to a winery called Grieve Family Vineyards.  I know Sonoma pretty well, but I’ve never heard having to […]

Trinchero Napa Valley Shines with New Tasting Room

Tasting Room at Trinchero Napa Valley

Trinchero Napa Valley Getting a sneak peak into an incredibly successful family owned wine estate is truly an honor, but when they do it on your birthday, it’s a special treat.  I had just that luck when I attended the press event for Trinchero Family Winery’s new tasting room and VIP facilities.  Featuring over 5,000 […]

Wine Start Up! Brilliant Mistake Wines

Brilliant Mistake Wines an Exceptional Napa Valley Cabernet

Brilliant Mistake Wines A brilliant success! Turning any business into a booming venture is daunting.  Imagine starting a business in an industry outside of your expertise and far beyond the nerdy aspects of what’s in the glass.  Start-ups require zeal, a specific mindset, and devotion to long hours unparalleled. You must be passionate enough to […]

How to Transform a Vineyard & Winery, Mendocino Wine Company

Tim Thornton, COO of Mendocino Wine Company

Mendocino Wine’s Best Kept Secret Mark Beaman, winemaker at Parducci Wine Cellars invited me out to Mendocino County to taste wine, meet the people at Mendocino Wine Company, and learn more about their efforts. I will spend time with Tim Thornhill, his father-in-law and co-owner of his family’s wineries. At the time of the invite, I […]

Reinventing the Wine Experience, Freemark Abbey

First Female Vintner of Record

Freemark Abbey Hails the First Woman Vintner on 130th Anniversary with an Estate Renovation. There are places in the Napa Valley that hold an untold charm. Exuding bygone days and a history that makes your heart skip a beat.  A place where a warm welcome is part of their culture. Where the team feels like […]

An Auspicious Era, Mark Beringer & 140 Years

Mark Beringer of Beringer Vineyards

Beringer’s Exceptional History 140 years ago, a man named Jacob Beringer left Germany, on a ship to America, landed in New York and found his way to Northern California and Napa Valley. He was an apprentice and a cellar master in Berlin. While it appears he was not in financial hardship at that moment, the […]