Pebble Beach, World Class Chefs and The Lexus Effect

Pebble Beach Food and Wine Kick Off!

Pebble Beach Food and Wine’s Featured Chefs: Stephanie Izard of Girl & The Goat with Carlo Mirarchi of Blanca NYC The interview, with Drew Barrymore and her winemaker, Kris Kato was more than enough to entice me.  Coasting down Highway 101 south to Pebble Beach. The road is smooth. The curves, tight. I’m in a 2017 Lexus […]

Celebrating Change for Women Chefs

James Beard Foundation and Women Chefs & Restaurateurs

 James Beard Foundation Helps Change the Game for Women Chefs & Restaurateurs {Video Interviews} Women Chefs & Restaurateurs have many of the same challenges that plague women in other industries. The numbers of women in the kitchen in the major leadership roles are expanding, yet not at an impressive rate. One survey in the UK […]

1313 Main in Napa: Orchestrating a Symphony of Taste

1313 Main Shines with Stunning dishes in Napa

Beautiful Dining Napa Style at 1313 Main Napa Valley boasts many world-class restaurants with known chefs, known brands and well-established followings.  They always make “The Lists” so there aren’t a lot of surprises.  Rents are not cheap. With several new hotels going up Napa is primed for the next phase of growth in tourism.  Occasionally a new gem is discovered, refreshing […]

Dining at New Heights: Chef Tim Hollingsworth

Otium and Chef Hollingsworth exquisite dishes

Chef Tim Hollingsworth The most luxurious way to travel is aboard a private jet.  The traditional hassles of other humans, lines, and annoying seating arrangements is a distant memory when you fly at this level.  Pebble Beach Food and Wine is whisking guests away to their event from LA with the three most essential C’s: […]

Pebble Beach Food & Wine: The Wine Insider

Pebble Beach Food & Wine

Food & Wine With less than a week before one of the most well-attended food and wine events, Pebble Beach Food & Wine,  Lara Sailer Long, the event’s Executive Wine Director, talks about the pursuit of great wines.  She’s the supernova behind the wine side of Pebble Beach Food and Wine.  The philanthropic event features […]

The Chef and the Rockstar: VH1 Save The Music

Rockstar Matt Nathanson & Chef Brandon Sharp at Solage Calistoga, VH1 Save The Music

Facebook Instagram Youtube Linkedin Twitter Medium Rss The Chef and the Rockstar: VH1 Save the Music The Chef, The Rockstar, and food paired to music. The drive from Napa to Calistoga is about 45 minutes in the winter months. The season matters. Summer, when all the tourists (5 million in 2015 alone) are here can […]

A Perfect Taste of LA ~ The Food & Wine Festival

LA Food & Wine Festival with Egg Slut

Facebook Instagram Youtube Linkedin Twitter Medium Rss A Perfect Taste of LA ~ The Food & Wine Festival Bright lights, big city, spectacular full moon and clear skies… A perfect evening frames the LA Food & Wine event at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The air of excitement, effusive energy and anticipation are palpable. Many attendees are […]