Judging & Tasting Chocolate in Oregon. Difficulty Level 8.

Wine and Chocolate Judging on the Wine Siren

I am judging & tasting chocolate in Ashland, Oregon.  Chocolate. Yep.  Judging & tasting chocolate. It is the pied piper of the calorie wagon. Tasting chocolate is not a one size fits all deal. I take this assignment with the seriousness of a policeman writing a traffic ticket. I’m willing to sacrifice to help others. We’re taking […]

Bells Up Winery: Newburg, Oregon

Sara and Dave Specter of Bells Up Winery, Newburg Oregon

When Sara Specter reached out to me to encourage me to visit her winery in Newburg, Oregon, I thanked her but truly had no short term plans to taste in Oregon. I was truly focused on my back yard of Napa. I was bouncing between wineries like a ping pong ball being hit by Forest […]

Salud! Celebrates 25 Years and a Record Breaking Fundraiser

Salud! Oregon 25th Anniversary Gala Willamette Valley Vintners

Salud! Oregon Winemakers Make a Difference! For the last 25 years, Oregon winemakers have been raising funds for the Salud! Program. Established in 1991, the program (a partnership of the winemakers and the physicians of Tuality Healthcare ) has been 100% funded from the proceeds of the annual Oregon Pinot Noir Auction. The goal? To […]

Perfecting Pinot in Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley Vineyards famed for Pinot Noir

Facebook Instagram Youtube Linkedin Twitter Medium Rss Perfecting Pinot in Willamette Valley When a new Pinot Noir vintage tastes like it’s been around the block, or rather, aged for 3-5 years instead of 1 or 2 I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Take perhaps the almighty Pinot Noir which isn’t as fussy about age […]

Pinot Noir & Birds of Prey: Raptor Ridge Winery

Raptor Ridge Winery in Willamette Valley

Facebook Instagram Youtube Linkedin Twitter Medium Rss Pinot Noir& Birds of Prey: Raptor Ridge Winery Wine is a journey of the taste buds no matter where you travel or what crosses your lips. In this case, Pinot Noir. The simple act of opening a bottle, savoring the first aroma, the first taste, is a pleasure […]