Judging & Tasting Chocolate in Oregon. Difficulty Level 8.

Wine and Chocolate Judging on the Wine Siren

I am judging & tasting chocolate in Ashland, Oregon.  Chocolate. Yep.  Judging & tasting chocolate. It is the pied piper of the calorie wagon. Tasting chocolate is not a one size fits all deal. I take this assignment with the seriousness of a policeman writing a traffic ticket. I’m willing to sacrifice to help others. We’re taking […]

Elegant & Rich Merlot. Stags’ Leap Winemaker Dishes. VIDEO

Stags' Leap Winery on the Silverado Trail The Wine Siren, Kelly Mitchell

After tasting through eight or nine superb wines at Stags’ Leap with winemaker & GM Christophe Paubert, I had to understand more about his philosophy and his background to understand what he is creating in Napa Valley. If you can make a very good Cab why can you not make a very good Merlot? Merlot […]

St. Francis Winery Creates a Masterpiece of Experience

St. Francis Winery, with the Mayacamas piece by The Wine Siren Kelly Mitchell

St. Francis Winery Masters the Pairing and the Wine Experience. It’s the soul of a business. St. Francis Winery gets this. Experience can create indelible and everlasting memories. If done right it becomes a megaphone for a winery.  Anyone can pour a glass of wine and say what they taste.  It’s not always transferable.  It takes special kind […]

St Helena Wine Tantalizes at bASH!

Appellation St Helena Wineries Partner with CIA for bASH 2016

It’s early evening in the Valley. Raindrops threaten and with each minute my stress gathers steam. You know that feeling when you’re trying to get ready and nothing looks right?  A pile of discarded clothes litter the bed.  I resolve to start running regularly because this is part of the reason nothing looks great. Ugh! I pass […]

Pebble Beach Food & Wine: The Wine Insider

Pebble Beach Food & Wine

Food & Wine With less than a week before one of the most well-attended food and wine events, Pebble Beach Food & Wine,  Lara Sailer Long, the event’s Executive Wine Director, talks about the pursuit of great wines.  She’s the supernova behind the wine side of Pebble Beach Food and Wine.  The philanthropic event features […]

A Crown Jewel in South Napa

The owners of Castrucci Wines

A Personalized Napa Wine Experience Beautifully sequestered, Castrucci Vineyards is a petite, delicious gem in the sea of rolling hills and vineyards of Napa Valley.  It is located off of South Kelly Road just on the fringe of Napa proper. Today’s brilliantly cool weather, with the backdrop of the setting sun is a perfect way […]

Secrets of the Changing Landscape of Tequila

Facebook Instagram Youtube Linkedin Twitter Medium Rss Secrets of the Changing Landscape of Tequila Tequila tells a story like the terroir of California wine. 123 Tequila by David Rivandi The nuances of a well made spirit can be quite profound and interesting. Improvements in the process and mavericks in the field are garnering a whole […]

A Perfect Taste of LA ~ The Food & Wine Festival

LA Food & Wine Festival with Egg Slut

Facebook Instagram Youtube Linkedin Twitter Medium Rss A Perfect Taste of LA ~ The Food & Wine Festival Bright lights, big city, spectacular full moon and clear skies… A perfect evening frames the LA Food & Wine event at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The air of excitement, effusive energy and anticipation are palpable. Many attendees are […]