Matt Trulio, Editor & Publisher

Kelly has a fresh and unpretentious voice. She brings knowledge, passion and infectious enthusiasm to her wine writing. She’s not writing to show off what she knows and loves. She’s writing to share what she knows and loves.

Nicole Rolet

Your writing is so eloquent and I really feel like you convey everything we are and are trying to achieve. Before being bitten by the winemaking bug, I was in the think tank world, and as such I quickly recognize and warm to forward-thinking people when I meet them. People who have intellectual curiosity and […]

Maggie Beaudouin

I watched all four videos & love them. I really like how each video shares a different, unique message. The rest of the JBF team is thrilled as well!

Kelly Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell, The Wine Siren is ranked 14th International Wine Influencer