Wine Books for Summer Time Leisure

Not something you often hear people requesting. Many wine books are technical, meant for industry wine geeks. I have several of the aforementioned wine books in my personal library, and they’re quite good from an insider’s perspective.  However not always riveting reading.  Do you love a can’t put it down read? The kind that reel you in and tell a story. These are three very different books I found perfect for a giant glass of Rosé or Champagne poolside.

wine books for summer time reading, The Cork Dork

Cork Dork: Bianca Bosker is legit. Bosker is the former tech editor for Huffington Post and has contributed to many publications including The Atlantic and The Wall Street Journal.  If there is a 50 Shades of Wine, she’s written it.  It’s got the same addictive can’t put it down trait. A delicious insider tale of her venture into the wine space.  Based on her real world experience the story opens with her starting as a cellar rat in New York City.  In one of the best restaurants. From there she breaks into some of the most elusive wine scenes in the world.  From secret tastings with Master Sommeliers to highly scientific evaluations with scientists, she’s done it. Boskor provides entertaining insights with wit and humor. A great read for those in and out of the industry. Get it on Amazon!

Wine Books for Summer Time Leisure

Just Released: The California Directories of Fine Wineries Eighth Edition Publisher Tom Silberkleit teams up with writers Daniel Mangin, K. Reka Badger and Cheryl Crabtree for this hardcover guide.    You’ll enjoy wine tasting tips and insights on their favorite upscale wineries in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino . It includes detailed maps and a wealth of beautiful photos.  There is also a time-saving research aspect for your tasting adventures.  A vetted wine directory of scrutiny, not an index of all.  Each must meet a quality index. Wine, service, and amenities are fully evaluated to ensure your experience is one of the best. Available on Amazon

Wine Books for Summer Time Leisure

Champagne Uncorked: Alan Tardi Want insights into one of the most revered global Champagne brands? Sommelier Alan Tardi takes you off the beaten path on an exclusive behind the doors story of Krug. This is the intriguing story of the creation of Krug’s Grand Cuvée. A deep dive into France, Champagne, and the Krug experience. Far more than an overview, Tardi is immersed with the family and the winery.  He lives and breathes the brand and Champagne. From the vineyards to the storied history of Krug’s evolution he shares insights difficult to find anywhere else. If you are a Champagne lover or a history buff, the story of Krug and Champagne is indeed an interesting read. Available on Amazon

There is something a little different for everyone.  The Cork Dork was so beautiful as a first person experience from an outsider into the world of wine. Bianca experienced a world many dream of and told the story almost as if you were there with her.  The California Directories are always handy when tasting wine in wine country. A perfect way to plan an upcoming trip, dream about where you might go one day or if you hop into the car and don’t know where to go it will give you lots of ideas. And what better guide on Champagne from a wine book written while spending quality time at the leading French wine producer in Champagne, Krug Champagne. Imagine spending time in the vineyards of Champagne at Krug? It doesn’t get any better.

Stay tuned as we get geeky and run the next list of wine books for people who truly want to learn the inside information on wine.  Do you have a favorite wine book? Share in the comments below.

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14:58 The Wine of Vik
15:17 Piu Belle wine with Original Art
17:16 Tasting Notes and Dynamics for Piu Belle
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Dive into the fascinating world of Cristian Vallejo, Vik Wine`s enigmatic winemaker, as he takes us on a captivating journey through his creative process. From tending to the sun-kissed vines nestled in Chile`s Millahue Valley to mastering the alchemy of blending, Vallejo`s passion for crafting exceptional wines is truly contagious.

In this exclusive interview taking place in Napa Valley, we explore the heart and soul of Vik Wine, uncovering the secrets behind their eco-luxurious philosophy and the inspirations that drive Vallejo`s innovative winemaking approach. An intriguing story of a winemaker who, with every bottle, weaves sustainability, tradition, and artistry into a harmonious symphony of flavors.

To Cristian Vallejo - the charismatic visionary who is redefining the world of fine wines.

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A sneak peek into @pineridgewine #EarthDay experience. Their extraordinary caves, the partnership with the National Parks and their extraordinary giveaway of a Sequoia tree you can plant yourself.

Exemplifying all things sustainable. Both in the vineyards and the winery, this experience was in both the vineyard, the winery and their exquisite caves .

When you are looking for a winery please seek out sustainable makers! And reach out to Pine Ridge to get on board one of their tasting experiences. This is one of Napa Valleys most cherished tasting experiences for visitors and locals alike!

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Wine Books for Summer Time Leisure

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations Kelly. Cork Dork has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. Another wine book I read recently is “American Wino. Reds, Whites and One Man’s Blues.” Pretty hilarious but not for the faint of heart.

  2. I just finished Cork dork which is great The California book has 1 star on amazon Let me know what your teview is.

    1. Hi Tracy, The review is in the post. I read the review on Amazon prior to publishing. The person who rated the Directory of California Wineries was looking for a complete list of all wineries.That would make it over 1,000 listings.This book is specifically vetting who they consider some of the most beautiful & unique experiences and world-class properties. Great for getting an initial handle on the areas, but if you want to visit all 1,000 wineries in the three regions a wine map or two would be a better choice. Hope that helps. Thanks for popping in.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    Just got back from three weeks in China (where the home-grown offerings include Great Wall Cabernet Sauvignon), and what a delight to see your review of The California Directory of Fine Wineries! Thanks for the kind words. My coauthor (Cheryl Crabtree) and I had a great time researching the book and really liked the mix of upscale and down-home wineries this edition. Hope to cross paths with you at a few! Yours truly, Danny Mangin

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