The Wine Siren by Kelly Mitchell

Disclosures About The Wine Siren:

As a writer, I am determined to share my wonderful experiences and thrive. To do that, I have affiliations disclosed below, and may receive samples, product, money or freebies to authentically experience a brand or product without going broke.

I do not write about people, things or places that I do not believe in, or do not hold in high personal regard.

My tweets, posts, website posts, may include visits to various properties including wineries, restaurants, events, travel adventures and tastes (bottles) of wine particularly if it is difficult for me to visit. They may include wine I’ve been graced with since without the goods I cannot tell you the reader, how they taste.

I have affiliations where I will likely get paid to do a job, travel and/or act as a sponsor of the blog. Those I will disclose as *Ad, Collaboration or Sponsered, so you know, not only do I believe in them and their reputation, but I am likely being paid for the connection as well.

I support the products, blogs, and software I believe in. In the past I wrote for the Huffington Post Taste blog.As the world of publishing continues to change and layoffs are imminent, I’ve decided to self publish and use my influence to get the message out. I also have collaborations with Medium.

Wine samples received are guaranteed no placement and may be selected for a piece or a social media post which The Wine Siren will determine.