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Stunning Winemaker’s Chocolate Made Sustainably!

Use the Best Dark Chocolate Made for Wine Pairing.

Dark Chocolate, Red Rose Petals and White wine, Red wine and Champagne with vine to bar chocolate
Chocolate and wine pairing has never been easier.


With an intriguing history, chocolate has garnered the attention and palates of many.   Remnants of cacao were discovered in New Mexicos Anasazi Chaco Canyon settlement over 1,000 years ago.  Even then it was a delicacy made for very few. When chocolate made its debut in London in 1657,  it was incredibly expensive and comparable to the world’s best caviar in respect to price. 

The evolution would come in the 1800s when chocolate would begin to become mainstream. But the processes and refinement would take time. Many were off-put by the coarseness and gravelly nature of it.  The Swiss would be the first to develop truly delicious edible and palatable chocolate in the 1870s widely accepted by the masses.

4 different kinds of Vine to Bar Chocolate stacked with green Ivy in the background
Vine to Bar comes in three exceptional flavors!

Weve come along way from the history of chocolate to a powerful new revolution. An exciting new project within the wine world putting both wine and chocolate in a joint venture with a sustainable twist.

Enter the winemakers! Winemakers have an incredibly tough job. The farming aspects are not for the faint of heart, with each season utterly dependent on the forces of nature. After the struggle of growing, the harvest results in a palate of rich flavor. It is up to the winemakers to finesse this palate into a masterpiece you want to drink.  These creative and noteworthy skills bring a sustainability component unlike any other to the world of chocolate.

A golden platter with wine, chocolate and red flower petals.
Nothing pairs as well as chocolate made for pairing with wine!

A team of winemakers came together to dream and innovate. Their challenge? In a world teetering on rising temperatures, efficient and creative uses of natures all-important resources were demanded. What to do with the nutrient-rich leftovers of grapes after pressing? It represents 10 billion pounds of waste each year.

Consider this. Chardonnay grapes are rich in flavones (antioxidants) before and after pressing.  Typically, chocolate is sweetened by condensed milk or sugar. Not the healthiest, nor climate-friendly treat but all that has changed with the introduction of a new Winemakers chocolate.  Then it hit them, after pressing, the remains could be used to add natures sweetness and balance to chocolate. This transformation of wines by-product resulted in… Chardonnay Marc. 

The Wine Siren, Kelly Mitchell holding the Vine to Bar Chocolate on Golden Platter
Artisan taste, gourmet quality and sustainably delicious chocolate from Vine to Bar.

It takes the science of winemaking and blends it with the creative juices of the pros in this industry. Its culmination? A high level sustainable project that benefits us, the chocolate lovers.  Not only in rich exquisite taste, but an innovative way to use a natural by-product of winemaking. 

This decadent melt in your mouth chocolate comes in four exquisite flavors, each with a fingerprint of Chardonnay grapes.

For the Purists, Dark Chocolate with Chardonnay Marc

For the Salt Lovers, Dark Chocolate and Almond with Himalayan Pink Salt

For the Adventurers, Dark Chocolate with Tart Cherry and Cocoa Nibs

For the Non-Conformists, Chardonnay Smoked Salt and Cocoa Nibs

Stunning Winemaker’s Chocolate Made Sustainably!
Only the highest of quality cocoa and ingredients in Vine to Bar

There is something for everyone here and if youre anything like me youll want the entire library for yourself.  Captivate your loved one, your favorite Galentine or be the best gift-giver at the soirée… Hop over to my reels for more on this incredible wine country product and learn how to pair chocolate for your best experience. 

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