Celebrating Change for Women Chefs

James Beard Foundation Helps Change the Game for Women Chefs & Restaurateurs {Video Interviews}

Women Chefs & Restaurateurs have many of the same challenges that plague women in other industries.

Women Chefs & Restaurateurs James Beard Foundation
Left to right (front four): Kim Alter (Nightbird,SF), JBF Award Winner Joyce Goldstein, JBF Award Winner Traci Des Jardins (Jardinière,Arguello,The Commissary,Mijita Cocina Mexicana,Public House and TRANSIT) & Duskie Estes (Zazu & Black Pig Meat Co., Sebastapol, CA)

Photo at the JBF Women in Entrepreneur Leadership program launch event at Tiburon Tavern on January 26, 2017. Photo by Kassie Borreson for the James Beard Foundation

The numbers of women in the kitchen in the major leadership roles are expanding, yet not at an impressive rate. One survey in the UK reports that 77% of Chefs are men. This imbalance was the topic of an article in Eater. The statistics show the Women Chefs pay 28.1% less than their male Chef counterparts. This trend also impacts Women Chefs and Restaurateurs in the recognition and award category. At Food & Wine Magazine’s 2016 Best New Chef Awards

I sat down with four talented women in Tiburon, California. Each is instrumental & participating in the success of the Women in The Kitchen fundraiser for the James Beard Foundation. The James Beard Foundation has put together several Women Leadership Programs. The goal is to level the playing field while providing leadership growth opportunities to women in the culinary industry. Join me with these gifted women while they share their journeys, the challenges, and rewards of working in the culinary space.

“I’m one of those people who pushes hard to always be better.” Kim Alter, James Beard Award-Winning Chef

Kim Alter of the San Francisco sensations Nightbird & Linden Room

“Desserts fill an emotional response with us. If the flavor is not there, there’s no point in eating it.” Emily Luchetti, James Beard Award-Winning Chef 

Big Night Restaurant Group, Chief Pastry Officer Author Emily Luchetti

“I noticed that the culinary industry had a dismal track of success when it came to leading women chefs or restaurateurs of stature.”  Rohini Dey of Vermilion, NYC Chicago.

“I really felt being a woman was part of the problem in getting a job. I’d probably get a better response if I put “Nick” on my resume.” Nicole Pederson, Chef/Partner Found Kitchen & Social House and The Barn, Evanston, IL with Amy Morton (of Morton’s Steakhouse lineage).

How do you get involved in the James Beard’s Women In Leadership Programs? Go here!

You can make a difference by frequenting women-owned restaurants and establishments who make it a point to support  Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.

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Celebrating Change for Women Chefs

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